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Summer School

Ask almost any kid in Somerset County and they’ll happily tell you – school’s out for summer! But even though the kids may have closed their books, there's are still a lot of learning to be done all over the county for all ages.

For the outdoorsy types, Somerset County is full of different places to explore and let your inner nature-lover out. Duke Farms offers both guided educational programs and open trails to lose yourself in. Lord Stirling Park is another great option and includes the Somerset County Park Environmental Education Center on its grounds. The Scherman-Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary is a County hot spot for bird-lovers and those interested in the preservation of the local wildlife. Environmental awareness is a huge part of Somerset County, so take some time this summer to learn more about protecting the beautiful area we live in!

Somerset County has some great spots for those interested in exploring their creative sides. Both The Center for Contemporary Art and The Brick Academy for example, offer summer workshops on a variety of artistic styles, including drawing and oil painting.

Historians looking to learn a little more about the history of Somerset County also have a plethora of places to visit this summer. Rockingham Historic Site, Lord Stirling Manor, and the United States Golf Association Museum are all great choices to learn about our area, which is truly steeped in history. Did you know that Somerset County was home to a general in George Washington’s army? Find out this and more at these historical sites – something cool might have happened right in your own backyard!

All of these places have special programs for children, but parents might be especially interested in the Children’s Museum of Somerset County and the Planetarium at Raritan Valley Community College. Go experience a light show at the Planetarium, or explore the wide variety of exhibits on display at the Museum this summer.

Whatever you choose this summer, don’t forget that the learning doesn’t stop just because school’s out...there are many more lessons in store all over Somerset County!

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