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Duke Farms Firefly Festival

You know it’s summer when you glimpse those little blinking lights outside your window or spot children running around with opened jars trying to catch a glowing treasure all their own. Yes, we are talking about fireflies!

Duke Farms is ready to host you and your family after dark at its annual Firefly Festival July 8 & 9. This year’s festival will take participants on a stroll through the woods, meadows and lakeside to witness the magic and spectacle of the firefly.  With investigation stations along the way, children and parents will learn and discover the ways of a firefly.

Eventgoers will also be able to tell their favorite firefly tale as part of Firefly Story time in the Farm Barn Orientation Center, or pick up a paintbrush and contribute their creativity to a Collective Art project documenting the magic of a firefly filled evening.

Don’t miss out on nature’s natural light show with Duke Farm’s Firefly Festival!

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